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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Year..

Is it? I guess it's in all what you make of it. It's happy for me although nothing in my life has really changed that much. I'm six months married, I am in my very last semester of school and hopefully my last year at Kohls. I've grown to hate that store. It'll be three years working there in June and it feels like a lifetime.

Anyway, back to school. I am very glad that this is my very last semester. But, of course, that means in just four short months, I will be able to bring up the question that I wasn't able to talk about. What to do about children? Will we have them or won't we? Should I be looking into schools now or later?

I don't know. I do know that I haven't even thought of it recently. I've blocked it completely out of my memory. Now that it's resurfaced sort of, I still don't know the answers to the questions.

What I do want personally? I would like to have them. At least one, if not two. A boy and a girl. and I know the harder it will be the longer that I wait. But, it's really not a big deal whether I have them or not. I can go either way. I guess then it's not really important to me at this point in time. Will it be eventually? Don't know. Right now though, I really don't care.