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Friday, November 9, 2007

Hello, My Name is....

Doreen. This is my first blog post ever. That's probably a strange statement nowadays. It seems as though everyone has at least one if not more. Oh well. Anyway, in the picture on the left are my tabbies. The orange/white one is Romeo and the brown tiger is Diana (Kitten). I have one more. She is a black and white long hair. Her name is Luna. She is not happy about Romeo being around. She's not the one that I thought that I would have to worry about being happy or not though. She always liked people and other animals around. Kitten was the one that I thought I would have a problem with. She was my antisocial cat. But, she has taken to him much much better. Luna wouldn't be caught dead with him on a couch or anywhere else for that matter. My husband was surprised at that too though.
But, now I have to get ready to make some money..more later.